Old Time Blogger Back!

Blogging isn’t new to me. I used to maintain a somewhat popular blog after my son was born and it was back when blogging was relatively new and the craft renaissance (not just for Grannie’s anymore) was born out of it. All this was back in 2004.

I made many internet friends and some of them I continue to converse with to this day–never even having met in person. This process allowed  women who were stay-at-home moms that were interested in bringing the “handmade love” back into their world for their kids to connect and converse together. We all shared ideas and our artistry on a daily basis. Many of us opened ETSY shoppes and many more went on to have books published based on their crafty creations.

There were many swaps I participated in from around the world, the birth of the Plush Movement, Softie Awards (I won a couple!), and Gallery Shows~ PLUSH YOU!  and I even put together a project of my own entitled “PAPERBAG SWAG” in which each participant created art, swag and whatnot for a few pages in each participants book as it was mailed around the United States. I think it took us all over a year to complete it! But we did. And the results were amazing; as so much love and care went into every page.

Many personal tragedies over the years plagued my blog continually and I struggled with maintaining a happy disposition while dealing with many real life issues, Grief and Loss being the persistent one. I wrote from the heart and soon my blog was more about the deep questions of life than about the art and the craft. I lost my audience as I lost myself in too much pain. In short, I had entered “the cave”.  What I didn’t know was all this was changing me; challenging me, transforming me, and bringing me to a much better place. The Universe was clearing the decks of everything that was wrong in my life and built on sand. Everything that was holding me back from being my true authentic self. I learned that Trusting in something bigger than myself was the key to freedom.

Dwelling in deep dark caves can be scary where nothing is known and everything is unfamiliar. But it can also be trans-formative if you go there. Solitude allows one to hear one’s own voice which is drowned out all too easily in the outside world. And that is the ONE voice you need to listen to for it is only then you will truly “know thyself” and that process is a miraculous gift.  It’s a necessary place that one has to go in life in order to get anywhere and I have many things to say about it as I have experienced it firsthand. But there is time for all that.Everything for a reason.

One fine day though; the end of the darkness comes and there is light at the end of the tunnel. And as you walk out of the cave; it only gets brighter and brighter.

So here I be. New & Improved, so much Wiser and Shiny new, polished by stones. And the best part? I know who I am and why I am here.

Good things are going to happen here. Stay tuned.


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