A Breath of Life

Scan 4

At long last; I am working on a new book! The working title is “Fox and Raccoon” – heh; nothing fancy…yet….This one has been inspired by the last year especially (since I came to live in the woods by a creek) and certainly the journey of the last 5.5. I am very excited about it and it has many autobiographical aspects to it. The inspiration came with a decision I made and it’s been flowing freely ever since I committed to following that impulse. It’s marvelous when that happens…when you don’t want to stop drawing/writing and after being uninspired for quite some time; it feels particularly amazing. It’s going to be something when I start dabbling in color…not sure what’s going to happen when I go there…but I am more interested in evolving my style than doing any kind of repeat performance. Over the last few years, I tried my hand at different genres and now I’m happy I didn’t follow any of them to completion – they were necessary stepping stones to get me back to what I do best; I guess….This feels like a much more positive work, I’m happy to say. They say you write what you know; and I had to get here before I could write anything worthwhile and not completely dark. 😉 For I am free…



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