Let’s talk about LOVE


“Nothing done with Love in the Universe is ever lost” … I once read these words from the pen of a man I came to “know” in a very unexpected way. He’s a man I would very much like to meet someday; but he’s about 85 years old so it best be soon ~ Bucket List.

Love is all there is, love is a many splendid thing, love makes the world go round. It’s why we are here ~ well, most of us anyway…. So why not write a book about the subject? Many have, many will continue to…for love is magic, love is mystery, love perseveres, endures, transforms; doesn’t it? All the good stories have love woven into them…it’s all we are ultimately.

I find myself listening to a lot of love songs lately ~ prior to and working on this book. I find myself digging up the old treasures from the past that I tossed, vowing to never go dig them up again – but they seem like they have been there waiting ever so patiently for me to rediscover them…those old parts of me that I discarded bitterly…. so I buy them, again ~ only this time for a buck at the library resale store that I frequent after yoga. I’ve gotten the CDs I used to have so I can play them in my car, loudly and sometimes I get daring and roll down the windows and sing them at the top of my lungs. And why not? For I am free…free to love once more…free to embrace the next adventure that awaits in the unknown.

And there is Springsteen…he is back. Long ago from the past – (before I ever married/crashed/burned), when he was discovered right where he should have been….on the Jersey Shore in a bar one night and still more later on the sand of said shore where I ran barefoot and laughing being chased and even commended for my winged feet. I’ve listened to a lot of Bruce lately; interviews on youtube and I’m reading his autobiography BORN TO RUN currently. His songs are like mini memoirs and layered with meaning; and I wonder if that is why he is so beloved by many. He dares to show himself. I like that…a true artist. I picked this out of an interview I saw on youtube:

“When that world of LOVE comes rushing in, the world of FEAR comes with it…now you have something you can lose. To open yourself to one thing is to face the other thing. YOU HAVE TO EMBRACE BOTH THINGS. One must walk thru the World of Fear so One can live in the World of Love”

yes, Boss, ain’t it the truth.



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