Surround Yourself with Magic


I first heard these words when I scoured my brother Johnny’s journals after his passing…I tucked it away for safe keeping and even kept it on my bulletin board for years as it seemed a nice thought to hold on to. Like most things that my brother wrote, I would come much later to deeply understand it’s significance and what pearls he left me in those journals of his.

Obviously some people have discovered the truth of this statement and have been living the magical life and reaping it’s benefits for decades; but most not.  It’s quite a transition when you make the leap; the shift in consciousness. The magic is utilized with the mind ~ and controlling the thoughts that occupy it. Thoughts have more power than most people realize. It’s said that if we knew how powerful our thoughts are, we would never have a negative thought again…for what we think, we become….hence the mind is a magical tool especially when it’s hardwired to the heart…for the heart knows everything and it can use the mind to achieve great things — that’s how it works. How it doesn’t work is when the mind is the one steering the ship and the heart is ignored.

Is is any wonder three of my favorite children’s book authors know/knew about the magic of the mind/heart connection? 🙂  So let the heart be the Captain of your ship and navigate while the mind is the engine that gets you where you want to be.




and remember what ties it all together… 😉



love-universe copy



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