Let’s Get Digital

I’ve been busy sketching my two main characters, Fox and Raccoon ~ and trying to figure out their design as well as to find out who they are; personality wise. For me, characters always come before story and so the more I draw them, the more they are able to reveal to me what we are all going to say….it’s very much a collaborative effort 🙂 My characters are very real to me…I’ve been apt to sketch them and myself in various behind the scenes comics which always make me laugh ~ so yeah, it’s true!

At any rate, I really love to sketch fur with a pencil and so much of that quality is gone when I go to my old cut-paper collage style. With that in mind, and also because I wanted to do some color studies, I took out the wacom tablet that I haven’t touched in some time and swore off of last year because I found the whole process frustrating. You know, old dogs, new tricks? What I didn’t plan on, is I’m actually enjoying it this time around. And my hands are not sticky and the floor is clean….and I have easy access to the music I like as I play tunes all the time while I’m drawing  ~ AND corrections are EASY!  I don’t know, maybe new tricks aren’t so bad.

Here is my first version of Fox


And Raccoon’s first time at bat…that tail is very furry I must say 😉


So yeah…I’ll be exploring some digital rendering for a bit and see where that goes…

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 7.21.41 PM

but thus far, there is clearly something magical going on in the moonlight…



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