Let the Music Move You

I’ve been very busy working on sketches for Fox and Raccoon and have been doing so listening to music and more specifically love songs. Ever wonder why there are so many love songs? Hmmmmmmm…everyone can relate and everyone has felt both the swoon and the sting of love ~ to be sure…but that’s because we haven’t evolved into embracing unconditional love yet as a society. It is starting to make itself known in certain circles however…

We all seem to know it’s reserved for our children but what happens when children grow up? Lots. And lots of conditioning to pull them off course along the way….most of us have to undo what damage was done; but nobody knew much better and did the best they could at the time. Thankfully things of that nature can change.

CHANGE. What a delightful word. People should embrace it more often.

Hence we come to the Love Story.


Oh, yes… please ~ let’s write about love and explore the subject matter. ❤

Hence the song I heard that started it all…and it’s just grown exponentially from there. There is the karmic relationship which most people have immersed themselves in unhappily and then there is the soulmate relationship; a far sweeter, deeper experience they say. The former deals with the self as it relates to the outside world and the latter relates to a deeper exploration of the self.

There is much truth in these lyrics for me; hence I HAD TO WRITE ABOUT IT:

And I’m truly inspired
Finding my soul
There in your eyes
And you
Have opened my heart
And lifted me inside
By showing me yourself


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